Jungle Adventure In The Tambopata Reserve

This 3 day tour takes you into Tambopata Reserve and into your very own mini Amazonian adventure. Nights are spent in a lush jungle lodge, meals are provided by a peruvian - swiss family. When you`re not lazing around in hammocks, then it`s river explorations, jungle walks and many a search for a 2.5 m fish, Capuchin monkeys,caimans and giant otters! All airport transfers in Puerto Maldonado are included as are meals and fees for National Parks & activities.

Latin America
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Guaranteed Departure: Yes
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  • Your Guide: English speaking
  • Supplier Tour ID: PEMJAT/207098
  • Starts: Puerto Maldonado, Peru
  • Finishes: Puerto Maldonado, Peru
You will Visit
  • Puerto Maldonado



Day 1

On your arrival you will be received by your guide at the airport who will facilitate your transfer to our main office in the city of Puerto Maldonado where the formalities of registration will take place. Also you will have the opportunity to buy things which you may need such as batteries, waterproofs and the like.
We will then transfer you by car (a journey of one hour) along a dirt road to reach the Puerto Nuevo (Port) in the Native Community of Infierno. Along the way you will see different types of forest, traditional farms which grow banana and citrus fruits, cattle farms, streams etc. Once in Puerto Nuevo we board our boat and start our journey of one and a half hours along the Tambopata River to reach INOTAWA lodge.
Along the way we will provide you with lunch, consisting of a dish of vegetarian Chinese rice wrapped in a bijao leaf (a leaf traditionally used in regional cooking), along with fruit, biscuits and a bottle of water.
Inotawa lodge is located on the banks of the Tambopata River inside the buffer zone of the Tambopata Candamo National Reserve and the Bahuaja Sonene National Park. During the journey you have the opportunity to appreciate the flora along the river bank made up principally of cañabravales, cecropias, ficus, as well as the fauna such as birds which live close to the rivers. We may see weaving birds with their nests high up in the trees, and garzas along with a number of different other types of birds which may cross our path in flight such as macaws, parrotts and tucans. Occasionally we are also lucky enough to see mammals such as capybara and tapir or reptiles resting on the banks such as the white caiman and turtles.
Once in Inotawa your guide will indicate the best ways for you to enjoy your stay, later showing you the different areas of the lodge and the distribution of the rooms.
In the afternoon the guide will lead you on a walk to observe the flora and fauna in the vicinity of the lodge. Examples of which are trogones, perdices, pavas, we also have a large variety of trees and vines such as Shihuahuacos, Almendrillos, Ceibas etc in the area. As dusk approaches we will be able to observe a variety of different species such as spiders, insects, frogs and nocturnal monkeys which are active at this time of day.
After dinner the guide will give you a more detailed talk describing the programmed activities.


Day 2

Collpa la Torre
We will leave early in the morning (5am) by boat to observe the activity of the birds (psitácidos, macaws, parrots and parraquits) at the nearby clay lick where we occasionally we get the chance to see deer, capybara and squirrels as well. The `La Torre` clay lick is similar to the rest of the salt licks along the Tambopata River, comprising of an embankment on the side of the river with a height of 4m and a length of 20m. It contains a clay (containing minerals) necessary for the alimentation of these species.
At the site we find a hide-out or observation look-out situated approximately 30m from the clay wall which allows us an excellent observation point from which to view the activity.
The activity lasts for 2 to 2 ½ hours and you will receive all the necessary instructions from your guide the night before the tour.
The Farm
In this region of the rainforest the local people practice traditional methods of farming. You will have the opportunity to learn about farming directly from a local farmer and will get an introduction to the various exotic fruits of the Amazon such as Copazú, Arazá, Pijuayo, and Yuca, as well as species such as, el palillo y sacha cilantro. Also found on the farm are various medicinal plants like el piñón, caña caña, piri piri, all of which are commonly used by people in the communities.
The planted crops on the farm also include papaya and banana plantations which attract a number of different types of birds such as the pico platas, orioles, oropéndolas, tucanetas, carpinteros, etc., the layout of the area (with lots of open air spaces) provides an excellent point from which to observe the bird activity.
We return to INOTAWA to enjoy lunch before travelling downriver for 15 minutes to start a 45 minute walk to reach the Tres Chimbadas Lake.
Lago Tres Chimbadas
On the lake we will board a traditional catamaran which functions with oars, allowing us to travel around the lake. We follow a route indicated by the guide and the Frankfurt Zoological Society (whose work involves the monitoring and protection of the giant river otters) along which we have the opportunity to appreciate the fauna and the lush vegetation. Various birds such as the hoatzin, aningha, herons, kingfishers as well as some reptiles and mammals inhabit the lake. The lake is also home to a family of giant river otters which means we frequently get the chance to observe them. Giant river otters are an endangered species and many people come to this region of the rainforest in order to catch a glimpse of them in their natural environment. There will also be a demonstration of the traditional fishing methods during which you may get the chance to see the famous piranha fish.


Day 3

After an early breakfast we return to the Inotawa office in Puerto Maldonado before leaving for the airport, where your guide will help you with the requirements for your return to Lima or Cusco.

    • Tour as described
    • Airport pick up and drop off in Puerto Maldonado
    • English Speaking Guide
    • All meals
    • Excursions every day
    • Lodging in typical bungalows

      You`ll be lodging in typical bungalows at the Inotawa lodge, which is located on the banks of the Tambopata River inside the buffer zone of the Tambopata Candamo National Reserve and the Bahuaja Sonene National Park. At this lodge you won`t get air conditioning or mints on your pillows, so be prepared to be at one with nature!
      The Inotawa Lodge, built by a Swiss-Peruvian family on the border of the Tambopata Candamo Reserve, is considered by its owners to be more than a lodge - "it`s a tribute to nature, whose beauty and majesty inspire us to love, respect and preserve it." The large and comfortable rooms are ideal for relaxing and taking in nature, and in following in the traditional native style of construction, they keep the visitor in permanent contact with nature.
      With a capacity for 30 people, the Inotawa lodge offers spacious and comfortable rooms that are well-ventilated, and rooms are composed entirely of beautifully-colored wooden panels and feature thatched roof-tops. Beds are simple but cozy and are covered with colorful bedding, with amazon décor and lounging chairs completing the setting.
      There`s also a bar offering beer, wine, pisco sours, sodas and more available on site. At this lodge, you`re sure to have some delicious food, an excellent guide, and an astounding experience

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Tour Highlights:
    • The Amazon
    • The Inotawa Lodge
    • Tres Chimbadas lake
    • Collpa La Torre
    • Tambopata River
    • Lazing around in hammocks
    • Capuchin monkeys
    • Caimans
    • Giant otters
    • Tambopata Reserve
    • Various tropical birds