Southern India & East Coast by Rail
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Its common knowledge that India is a huge tourist destination so what do you do if you want to get off the beaten path and check out some underexplored parts of the country? Get on the train, of course. Get on board and go from the deep south of Kochi up the east coast towards bustling Kolkata, disembarking to explore temples and palaces along the way. Youll have the chance to explore smaller cities and villages on the coast, getting a perspective on this country that few have the opportunity to experience. Once youve lived like a local in Kerala before hopping back on board the train for the next adventure, youll be seeing India in a brand new light.

Duration: 14 Days Guaranteed Departure: Yes
For lovers of: Physical rating: Average
Accommodation standard:   Budget% Traveller Tour Rating: 0%  
Your Guide: English speaking Tour code: 145307
Starts: Kochi, India Finishes: Kolkata, India
You will visit
  • Kochi
  • Kolkata



Day 1: Kochi

Arrive at any time.

Included Activities:
Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting


Day 2: Kochi/Alleppey (1D)

This evening enjoy a taste of local life with a homestay.

Included Activities:
Kerala Boat Tour

Train (1.00-1.50 hours)
Tuk-tuk (0.50 hour(s))


Day 3: Alleppey/Kanyakumari (1B)

Enjoy some more time in Kerala before an evening Ernad Express train to Kanyakumari for a full day exploring the area.

Meals are available for purchase on board.
Train (4.50 hour(s))
Private Vehicle (0.50 hour(s))


Day 4: Kanyakumari/Madurai

Spend the day in Kanyakumari. Drive to the southernmost tip of India and take a ferry across to Vivekananda Rock and the Ramkrishna Ashram. Take an evening Kanyakumari Express train to Madurai.

Included Activities:
Vivekananda Rock and Ramkrishna Ashram Visit

Ferry (0.50 hour(s))
Ferry (0.50 hour(s))
Train (4.50 hour(s))


Day 5: Madurai

Explore the Meenakshi Temple and colourful markets of Madurai.

Included Activities:
Meenakshi Temple Visit


Day 6: Madurai/Māmallapuram

Take the morning Vaigai Express to Chengalpattu before continue by van to Mamallapuram.

Train (6.50 hour(s))
Private Vehicle (0.50-1.00 hours)


Day 7: Māmallapuram

Cycle around and explore the rock-cut Shore Temple and Mamallapuram Beach.

Included Activities:
Shore Temple Visit
Mamallapuram Beach Visit


Day 8: Māmallapuram/Visakhapatnam

Drive to Chennai and catch an early Coromondal Express train to Vizag. Spend the day on the train with plenty of time to relax and watch the scenery of East Coast India glide by.

Private Vehicle (1.00 hour(s))
Train (12.50-13.50 hours)


Day 9: Visakhapatnam

Explore Vizag and the northern beaches, along with the Simachalam Temple.

Included Activities:
Simachalam Temple Visit


Day 10: Visakhapatnam/Puri

Take an early Puri Express train to Bhubaneshwar and marvel at the scenery. Continue by van to reach Puri.

Meals for purchase on board.
Train (9.50 hour(s))
Private Vehicle (1.00 hour(s))


Day 11: Puri

Explore Raghuraj Pur village and beautiful Puri beaches.

Included Activities:
Raghuraj Pur Village Visit


Day 12: Puri/Kolkata (1L)

Take a morning Shatabdi Express train to Kolkata, with lunch provided on board. Arrive in the afternoon and explore Mother Teresa's house in the evening.

Train (7.50-8.00 hours)


Day 13: Kolkata

Explore the vintage monuments and streets of this former capital of the British Era. Opt to take a ferry ride across the Hooghly River. Opt to join the group for dinner at one of the famed restaurants on Park Street for the final night out.


Day 14: Kolkata

Depart at any time.

    • Kerala Backwaters homestay
    • Backwaters canal ride
    • Vivekananda Rock and Ramkrishna Ashram visit (Kanyakumari)
    • Meenakshi Temple visit (Madurai)
    • Cycle tour to Shore Temple and Mamallapuram Beach
    • Simachalam Temple visit (Vizag)
    • Jagannath Temple visit (Puri)
    • Raghuraj Pur village visit
    • Beach time in Puri
    • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
    • Hotels/guesthouses (12 nts), homestay (1 nt)
    Meals Included
    • 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner
    • Train (seats), train (beds), private van, walking
    Group Leader
    • Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout, local guides
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Tour Highlights:
  • Live like a local in the Kerala Backwaters
  • Travel to the southern tip of India in Kanyakumari
  • Explore temples and palaces up the east coast
  • Visit bustling Kolkata.