Experience Borneo and Conserve Orang-Utans

This tour provides you with both the opportunity to learn and the chance to help make a difference to the lives of the critically endangered orangutan population in Borneo. You will spend your time visiting multiple orangutan conservation centres as well as get the chance to visit 3 national parks and experience once in a lifetime events, including a night time walk through Bako national Park, snorkelling at the stunning beach of Telok Serabang and experiencing the Iban way of life through interaction with the native tribe. There really is something for everyone on this tour and if you hold the orangutan close to your heart then this is the perfect trip for you.

  • Duration: 14 Days
  • Guaranteed Departure: Yes
  • Supplier Tour ID: KCHVOL/250673
  • Your Guide: English speaking
  • Starts: Kuching, Malaysia
  • Finishes: Kuching, Malaysia
  • Age requirement: 18 +
You will Visit
  • Kuching



Day 1

You`ll arrive into Kuching Airport where you will be met at arrivals by your guide before taking a short transfer to the guesthouse where you will spend your first night. Here you will settle in and freshen up before having a full tour briefing over dinner with your guide and the rest of your group.


Day 2

After breakfast you will make your way to Matang Wildlife Centre in Kubah National Park which is home to 30 orangutans, sun bears and many other animals. On arrival you will receive an exclusive behind the scenes tour from the team who run the orangutan conservation project here.
After lunch you will get involved in an activity such as creating enrichment for the orangutans. This will give you the chance to see what it is like to work with orangutans on a daily basis. You will also get to meet the famous Aman who is believed to be one of the biggest orangutans on the planet!


Day 3

Continue your behind the scenes experience with the staff at this busy rehabilitation centre and orangutan sanctuary. Get your hands dirty assisting with husbandry for the orangutans, sun bears, macaques, binturongs and other animals. This will include feeding the animals and cleaning the wildlife cages and enclosures as well as more enrichment making. This is a key activity when it comes to the rehabilitation of orangutans as it helps to promote natural behaviours and enhances the potential for release.


Day 4

You will have one final morning working with the orangutans before, at mid-day, heading to Bako National Park by boat. The day will end with an incredible night walk in the jungle where there are opportunities to see some of Borneo`s fascinating nocturnal species - this is not to be missed! Shine your torch up into the trees and keep an eye out for the little eyes staring back at you, as at night-time, Borneo truly comes alive!


Day 5

Wake up to the sounds of Bako National Park. With its beautiful rainforest, abundant wildlife, jungle streams and waterfalls, Bako National Park offers an excellent introduction to the rainforests and coastline of Borneo.
As one of Sarawak`s most famous locations for wildlife Bako will not disappoint. You will spend the morning trekking through the rainforest admiring the interesting flora and fauna and going in search of the famous proboscis monkey. In the evening you will transfer to the Malay community of Telok Serabang.
November – March
Due to the poor weather, the usual transfer to Telok Serabang
may not be possible during these months, in which event an alternative schedule will be arranged for you, an example of which is below:
Day 5 - One More Night at Bako National Park (breakfast, lunch and dinner included)
Your morning will start with a trek across one of Bako’s many trails, observing the area’s flora and fauna as you go. Bako National Park is home to an impressive number of proboscis monkeys, so keep your camera on hand, ready to capture the moment you spot one (if you’re lucky)! The afternoon is free time and you may wish to pay a visit to one of Bako’s many picturesque beaches or head along a jungle trail. Alternatively, you may want to spend your afternoon relaxing or even working on your fitness – there are still many more treks yet to come, including one last outing in the evening here at Bako.
Day 6 - From Bako to Permai (breakfast, lunch and dinner included)
Today you’ll be transferred to the Permai Rainforest Resort, located in the beautiful Damai region. Your accommodation is comfortably nestled within the jungle, and offers ample opportunity to spot wildlife, including on a night-time jungle trek. Your morning starts with a visit to the local Sarawak Cultural Village, where you’ll learn about the Dayak culture and various styles of traditional longhouse. Your afternoon is at leisure, so later on you may wish to take a trek to a nearby waterfall, or to take a dip in the onsite swimming pool, which is fed by a freshwater
stream. In addition to joining a trek in the evening, you might just be lucky enough to spot a few wildlife species close by to your accommodation, either in the surrounding rainforest or just off the coast.
Day 7 - From Permai to Padawan (breakfast, lunch and dinner included)
After one night in Permai, you’ll head to Padawan, an area which is home to the indigenous Bidayau people. Your itinerary from this point onwards will follow the standard itinerary.


Day 6-7

You will spend two full days in Telok Serabang, a Malay community that is situated in a beautiful coastal area of Sarawak. Here you will have opportunities to snorkel with green turtles in their natural habitat, assist with beach clean-ups, and work in the local community school.
You will also participate in night-time turtle patrols, get sweaty on jungle treks (with amazing opportunities to see wildlife such as gibbons and flying lemurs) and even make traditional jewellery with the community.


Day 8

This is an opportunity to spend time with a Bidayau community, one of the indigenous Dayak groups from Sarawak. Your accommodation will again be in a traditional wooden longhouse, with shared bedrooms and amenities. You`ll get to learn about the traditional culture of this tribe, and perhaps even see human skulls in their longhouse, kept from the head-hunting days of the past. You may also be encouraged to take part in cultural dancing through the evening!


Day 9-12

These days are spent in Batang Ai rainforest which is still home to wild orangutans. When in Batang Ai, as well as always being in search of orangutans high up in the trees, there are a lot of different activities to get involved in. These include learning traditional handicrafts, cooking, fishing, picnics amidst breath-taking scenery, swimming in jungle rivers and waterfalls and interacting with the tribespeople. Interacting and building bonds with the indigenous people is essential in repairing the fractured human – orangutan relations in this region.


Day 13

Transfer back to Kuching and visit the Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre along the way. The Semenggoh Wildlife Centre was established in 1975 to care for wild animals which have either been found injured in the forest, orphaned, or were previously kept as illegal pets.
As a result of its success, Semenggoh’s role has changed and it is now a natural haven for dozens of semi-wild orangutan and graduates of the rehabilitation programme who you can see as they come to the platforms to eat. You will spend one final evening at the Basaga Guesthouse where you will enjoy a warm shower and a farewell dinner with your guide and all of the new friends you have made along the way.


Day 14

Time to say your farewells. Today you will be transferred to Kuching Airport for your return flight or to commence your independent travel plans.

    • Conservation donation
    • Group meet and greet in Kuching at hostel
    • 13 nights in designate accommodation
    • English-speaking facilitator
    • All activities included in itinerary
    • All overland transfers as per itinerary
    • Meals as per itinerary (Meals with typically consist of noodles, rice, vegetables and meat. Vegetarian options are always available.)

      On the first and last night of the volunteer project, customers will be staying at the Basaga Hotel in Kuching.
      If volunteers would like to book pre or post night accommodation, they should contact the property who can arrange this for them.
      Various accommodation types during the tour include hostel, park lodges, long house lodges which are all basic and clean.
      Shared rooms with 4 to 6 per room with shared bathroom

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Tour Highlights:
    • Visit two amazing organ-utan and other wildlife rehabilitation centres
    • Take a boat tour of the mangrove swamps
    • Experience tribal life and go in search of wild orangutans