Solar Eclipse Argentina & Iguazu Falls (2020)

Witnessing a total solar eclipse is an incredible experience, however to do so in the South American country of Argentina is phenomenal. This rare celestial event occurs only when a New Moon crosses the Sun as we see it, throwing a Moon-shadow onto the planet. It is a memorable, emotive and moving experience and one accentuated by being in northwest Argentina. On 14 December 2020, a total solar eclipse will paint a path through the sky over parts of Argentina and Chile. This itinerary provides a rare opportunity to combine this astronomical event with a visit to one of Argentina's most aesthetically beautiful regions.It's sure to be an intense and emotional experience, and one best shared. So, join us for the ultimate experience in travel – a Great South American adventure starring the Great South American Eclipse! Why See the Solar Eclipse?The most arresting and emotional astronomical event of them all, a Total Solar Eclipse will take place between 11:43 and 14:33 with the start of total eclipse commencing at 13:05 and ending at 13:07. If you stand under the path of that shadow, all the Sun’s rays will be blocked out for a few minutes, and you'll experience darkness in the day.However, under clear skies the few minutes of totality are about a lot more than darkness. During totality you can remove your solar safety glasses (which we will provide) to see a mind-blowing 'hole in the sky'. As you gaze at the Sun's powerful, pulsing corona visible as a wispy white ring around the edges of the Moon, you'll see huge explosions on the Sun's surface. A few minutes later, beads of sunlight pour through the valleys of the Moon as the Sun emerges, eventually causing a jaw-dropping flash of light called the 'diamond ring'.

  • Duration: 12 Days
  • Guaranteed Departure: Yes
  • Physical rating: Average
  • Supplier Tour ID: SAI/219548
  • Your Guide: English speaking
  • Starts: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Finishes: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Age requirement: 18 +
You will Visit
  • Buenos Aires
  • El Calafate
  • Bariloche
  • Iguazu Falls



Day 1: Buenos Aires

Welcome to the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Today is a joining day and you are free to arrive at any time ahead of the welcome meeting, please see the tour dossier for information on how to make your way to the joining hotel. The rest of the day is free for you to explore - take in a tango show or visit one of the many excellent restaurants, most serving what is known globally as the legendary Argentine steak! A welcome meeting will be held at 18:00 hrs in your hotel.

Meals Included: Meals paid locally


Day 2: Buenos Aires

This morning you enjoy a six hour guided tour (vehicle and on foot) to learn about the city’s overwhelming culture and history. During this tour, your guide serves up the main attractions and landmarks including the famous Recoleta Cemetery where Eva Peron (Evita) is buried, the Colon Theatre and San Martin Square. You’ll enjoy time around the colourful area of La Boca with free time to explore the markets, take in the area’s electric buzz and do some shopping.The evening is when Buenos Aires comes alive and taking in a tango show in the old quarter of San Telmo is a truly memorable experience. That is why we have chosen to include a show to give you a taste of this magical dance.

Meals Included: Breakfast included


Day 3: El Calafate

Today you transfer to the airport for your flight to Calafate. Upon arrival, you’ll enjoy a brief orientation driving tour before transferring to your hotel, where you have time at leisure to explore the town and surrounding area. The city is named after the berry with the same name which once eaten, guarantees your return to Patagonia.

Meals Included: Breakfast included


Day 4: El Calafate

This morning you’ll experience one of those sights where you really need to pinch yourself. The Perito Moreno Glacier is located in the Los Glaciares National Park and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Argentinian Patagonia. Named after a 19th-century explorer, the glacier is currently 19 miles long and rises an average height of 240 feet above the water, although the glacier covers roughly 120 square miles.There are viewing platforms overlooking Lake Argentino, the glacier’s terminus, but you can get very close, to the point where you feel the cold on your face. If you wait for a while, you’ll likely witness huge chunks of the ice mass fracture off and crash into the water, creating a massive, reverberating roar. There are walking paths that allow you to observe the glacier from a few different vantage points, as well as an included boat trip which offers you a vastly different perspective. Today is a half day return tour.

Meals Included: Breakfast and (boxed) lunch included


Day 5: San Martin de los Andes

This morning you transfer to the airport for your flight to Bariloche before continuing along the famous and beautiful ‘Road of Seven Lakes’. The road skirts Lakes Correntoso, Ruca Malen, Portezuelo, Villarino, Falkner, Hermoso and Meliquina, as well as other minor lakes, before reaching the city of San Martin de los Andes, located by the shore of Lake Lacar. Upon arrival you’ll visit the Chocolate Mamusia in San Martin, a classic establishment where you can sample and buy chocolate the town is famous for. You then transfer to your hotel.

Meals Included: Breakfast included


Day 6: San Martin de los Andes

Today you will enjoy a view from the Mirador Bandurrias which is located approximately one hour (6km) from the centre of town. Those who prefer not to walk but still want to enjoy the view have the option to travel by vehicle. From the spectacular viewpoint, you then walk the 45 minutes downhill to a beach where we will serve lunch. Today you will enjoy an ‘Asado’ - this is the Argentinian way of having a BBQ, and something they take very seriously. There are vegetarian options available.After lunch, you have the choice of either taking your time on foot or jumping in the vehicle for ease back to the hotel. In the late afternoon, a great way of winding down is the chance to sample Argentinian wine flavours so we have included an informal tasting session at Paihuen - Resort De Montana, with incredible views over the lake.

Meals Included: Breakfast and lunch included


Day 7: Bariloche

This morning you drive to Bariloche and check into the hotel. Included today is a chairlift up to Cerro Campanario which sits at 1,049 meters for incredible views of the lakes surrounding the area. You will probably have seen many images and from this very spot, the view is something truly remarkable.Why not visit one of the micro-breweries in town, we recommend a beer called cerveza artisanal. This is produced on a small scale using fresh, natural and local ingredients (including mountain water) and is available in the brewpub from which it’s named.

Meals Included: Breakfast included


Day 8: Bariloche

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Today you depart Bariloche on a 4 hour ride to the optimum observation area in Pilolil. In the perfect world we would have chosen a closer destination however, given the nature of the event and limited hotel space (despite reserving hotels 2.5 years in advance), we have included the night in Bariloche and transfers to and from the eclipse. This will give you time to exchange photography tips and discuss previous eclipse viewings.Upon arrival we will set up a table with drinks and snacks and ensure you are in a prime position for the magnificent solar eclipse this afternoon. This is a rare opportunity to view this celestial wonder, and we’ll make every provision to ensure you have the best viewing spot available, weather depending. Your private vehicle will be on hand to deliver you to the centre line of the eclipse track so the viewing spot of Pilolil may change closer to the time.After the event, you’ll transfer four hours back to Bariloche. The drive back is a great time to chat with your fellow travel companions about the event you just witnessed, the atmosphere will no doubt be electric.

Meals Included: Breakfast and lunch included


Day 9: Buenos Aires - Iguazu Falls

This morning you board the flight via Buenos Aires up to Iguazu, one of the world’s most magnificent waterfalls and a testament to the rawness of Mother Nature. Upon arrival, you’ll be met and transfer to your hotel with the remainder of the day free to explore the town of Iguazu.

Meals Included: Breakfast included


Day 10: Iguazu Falls

After breakfast you transfer to the Argentine side of the falls for a guided tour of the park. Once inside, there are many walkways which will take you to different viewing platforms with fantastic views of the falls. Afterward the guided tour, you will have the rest of the day at leisure so if you wish to stay in the park after the tour has finished, you may do so and catch the public bus (approx. $4 USD) back to the town of Iguazu.It is worth bringing a waterproof bag with you to protect your camera from the spray of the falls, especially if you plan on taking a boat trip near to the mouth of the falls.

Meals Included: Breakfast included

Optional Activities:

  • Iguazu Falls boat ride US$35 per person (estimated 2020 price)


Day 11: Iguazu Falls

This morning you enjoy a half day visit to the Brazilian side with guide. What ‘Foz do Iguacu’ lacks in size compared to its Argentinian counterpart, it makes up for with fantastic observational opportunities and all-encompassing views of the falls. A glass lift takes you from the top viewing deck to the boardwalk, where you can walk along the edge of the panoramic pours.In the afternoon, you transfer back to the airport for your flight back to Buenos Aires for one final night to enjoy the sounds, smells and sights of this buzzing Latin American metropolis.

Meals Included: Breakfast included


Day 12: Buenos Aires

Tour ends in the morning after breakfast.

Meals Included: Breakfast included

  • Services of a tour guide, driver and local guides
  • All transportation by coach, plus 4 internal flights
  • Accommodation: Hotel, Hotel: 11
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Tour Highlights:
  • Total eclipse in Pilolil (viewing glasses included)
  • Explore Iguazu Falls from Brazil and Argentina
  • Tango show in Buenos Aires
  • Guided tour (including walking) of Buenos Aires
  • Visit to Los Glaciares National Park for a guided tour and boat trip of Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Four internal flights within Argentina
  • Travel along the ‘Road of Seven Lakes’
  • Enjoy a walking tour in the mountains surrounding San Martin de los Andes, plus visit to chocolate shop and wine tasting
  • Enjoy an Argentinian ‘Asado’ BBQ